28. Mai 2024


A lashable eyelash extension lasts up to 6 weeks. However, as the average person loses 2-3 natural lashes per day and eye (so the extensions do not), we recommend a regular filling every 3-4 weeks.

Not if done right. Eyelashes or lashes only break off if they are covered with too long or too heavy eyelashes. But also not properly separated eyelashes can harm in the long run. Because if two natural eyelashes can stick together by the outgrowth, the other are pulled out of the root and may not regrow or never regrow.

Of course, you should treat your eyelashes / lashes to a rest phase. But you do not have to do without an eyelash extension, but simply create a softer look, in which you do not cover the damaged or only very soft. After the appropriate rest phase, all eyelashes / lashes can then be pasted or lengthened again.

Yes, you can do all that with your new lash-line extensions. Only not within the first 48 hours. Because the adhesive must first cure properly to obtain its complete strength.

On mascara you should generally do without, because that would stick your new lash-line extensions.

Best suited for this is our specially developed CLEANclusive cleaning foam. With it you can easily remove greasy make-up remnants and dirt. Oil-based make-up removal products should not be used, as they would loosen the adhesive and the lash extensions would be earlier than expected.

Yes, glasses are not a problem. The same applies of course to contact lenses. Only during treatment contact lenses should not be worn. Because an hour with your eyes closed can be very uncomfortable. Therefore, it is always advisable to bring an appropriate container, so you can take out your lenses before treatment and then use them again.

No of course not. You can relax during the treatment, dream and relax. Snoring and talking is of course tolerated by us. And do not worry, everything you should tell in your sleep remains our secret.

All appointments can be booked here on the website, on our Facebook page or by calling our hotline 02403-8816800. Of course you can also come to one of our studios personally.

A „gap“ between the eyelashes is not pretty but not so tragic. Our lashclusive experts then make a so-called Lash Bridge and close the bald spot again.

The model action is new, still in the training staff who make the application. Under the supervision of an experienced and professionally trained Lash stylist, the young stylist then applies the lash-line extensions. Therefore, the treatment usually takes 1.5-2 hours.

Yes, of course you can cancel your appointment for free but not within 24 hours of your treatment. Namely, we have reserved the appointment exclusively for you and can then hardly assign it to other customers. Therefore, we also charge a corresponding cancellation fee of 70% of the booked treatment.

Lashlifting or eyelash lamination is the alternative to artificial eyelash extensions. If synthetic eyelashes are used in the eyelash extensions, we only work with your own eyelashes during the lashlifting or eyelash lamination. Before the actual treatment, your eyelashes are cleaned and freed from dirt and grease. It is therefore advisable to come to your Lashlifting appointment without mascara. Then your lower eyelashes are fixed with an eye pad and a silicone pad glued to your eyelid, on which then your eyelashes are combed up. With a special method, the hair structure of your eyelashes is then broken and thus brought into the appropriate shape. In the end, of course, we will restore the hair texture and your eyelashes will stay in that position for the next 6-8 weeks, looking heavier, bulkier and more curved. Then your eyelashes are still maintained with a vitamin booster. In the end, it is advisable to dye the eyelashes to give them even more expression.

No, the treatment can be repeated as often as you like, without damaging your eyelashes. However, the treatment intervals should not be too low, so as to prevent dehydration and the associated breaking of the eyelashes.

Yes, you can. With our special cure you can permanently strengthen your eyelashes and let them grow longer, so that your next Lashlifting even more intense.

When you are in your menstrual phase or breastfeeding, the body does not accept the lashlifting or eyelash lamination. Therefore, you should coordinate your appointments according to your hormonal balance or the end of breastfeeding. When taking psychotropic drugs Lashlifting never works 100%. In pregnancy, we generally advise against a Lashlifting or eyelash lamination.

If your eyelashes have already returned to their original shape one day after treatment, there are many reasons. You have been during the lactation or your menstrual phase or you have taken certain psychotropic drugs. But the influence of water, whether in liquid or gaseous form, within the first 24 hours after treatment can also affect the laser lifting or the eyelash lamination. You should better not look into the saucepan or open the dishwasher, because the steam can destroy your eyelash lifting or eyelash lamination. Another NoGo are eye-directed air conditioning systems, eg in the car. Therefore, you should refrain from the air conditioning or an open window during the car in the first 24 hours.

If you follow the 24-hour rule, you can easily swim or steam in your Lashlifting or eyelash lamination. Also salt water or chlorine makes the Lashlifting nothing. But you should subject your eyelashes after a special care, because your hair after swimming so also brittle and you take care of them. Because eyelashes and hair are both skin appendages and thus in the structure and texture as good as the same. And honestly, you do not just wash your hair with water, right?

When microblading your top skin layer is pigmented with special needles. So then fine hairs are incorporated in the growth direction. If you are particularly sensitive, the treatment can be a bit irritating. Your eyebrows will look but then always styled top and permanently well shaped. The color fades in the first six weeks and only 30% percent remain visible. This is completely normal and therefore we have the first post-treatment after about 6 weeks free of charge. You also have to follow the 24-hour regulation regarding water, so that a perfect result can be guaranteed and the color is not washed out. A regular creaming of the eyebrows with a special care is enormously important. Depending on the skin type also requires a second time after treatment.  

Henna Brows is the cheap alternative to microblading. Here not only your eyebrows, but also the underlying skin are dyed. The color is made from the henna plant, which grows mainly in South America or India. For this, the leaves are dried and ground. Mix with a little water – ready. We offer you over 3,000 different color combinations. You decide what color and shape your eyebrows should end up with. The color on the eyebrows lasts up to 6 weeks, on the skin a little less. The more you repeat the treatment, the better the color will last on the skin. Henna Brows is particularly well suited to hide an existing or botched permanent make-up. But also unterzupfte eyebrows can be brought back into shape with Henna Brows. At the end of the treatment, your eyebrows are plucked in the desired shape (tweezers or threading technique). However, you should not have your eyebrows chemically stained or have a PPD allergy within 14 days of your treatment, because then it quickly goes wrong and your brows could turn green.

There can always be risks or side effects if you do not work with skin-identical supplements. For example, the adhesive in an eyelash extension or the products used in Lashlifting cause an allergic reaction. If it really comes to a so-called contact allergy, the family doctor can usually treat the allergic reaction quickly. In most cases, the reaction will resolve the next day with the appropriate medication again.